Printed Impressions

Color Mode

All files should be provided in CMYK mode (unless we are running a spot color) When we receive RGB images, we will do a standard-value conversion to CMYK, which may not be perfectly to your liking.  We cannot be responsible for results if you furnish your images with RGB. 

These two swatches are the same color.

The first box (left) is in CMYK
The second box (right) is in RGB

Note: RGB stands for Red Green Blue and this is what your computer monitor or television uses for color. When printing the process is CMYK and it has a color gamut that is not as bright.

Avoiding Blues that look Purple

Anything high in magenta and high in cyan will print purple. 

If you want a more true blue color we recommend keeping cyan and magenta 30% apart from each other to create a blue for example 100% Cyan, 70% Magenta.


All of our four color process printing is done in CMYK printing process.  If you use Pantone colors in a job that will print CMYK process printing, your job might print with undesirable colors. We use a program that converts any PMS files to CMYK using the conversion process from the file’s native program, and the results are not always what you expect. That’s why we highly recommend that customers convert all their files to CMYK using  the values from a Pantone color chart before uploading their art.  Printed Impressions is not responsible for product that has experienced a color shift during the conversion to CMYK printing process. 

Black Text

For best results, thin black text should have CMYK values of 0 Cyan, 0 Magenta, 0 Yellow, 100 Black. 
If you use a mix of CMYK values on small think text it can print out of register.

Rich black

For best results on printing large black areas, rich black (60C, 40M, 40Y, 100K) should be used, for uniform ink coverage. Using only 100K can result an ink coverage and a large black area that is not as dark as one would like. Using a higher percentage values such as 80 Cyan, 80 Magenta, 80 Yellow, 100 Black can result in high ink saturation coverage, causing ink drying problems.