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Overprint Issues

Overprint settings are typically used to intentionally overlap inks for a number of reasons but overprint can cause unexpected results so we recommend that you

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Transparency Issues

Sometimes using shadows, glows or other transparency effects on top of a spot color creates white boxes or other unwanted results.  (left) what you see

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Color Mode

All files should be provided in CMYK mode (unless we are running a spot color) When we receive RGB images, we will do a standard-value conversion to

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300 dpi/ppi is the recommended resolution at your final image size. The more dots/pixels the image contains, the sharper the image will print. As a

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Preferred Programs

InDesign – CS or newer (please packaged files and links) Illustrator – CS or newer (Fonts Converted to Paths) Photoshop – CS or newer Fonts – Convert text to

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Preferred Art

Preferred Art Press Quality PDF – Use this if you are able to convert art and photos to CMYK. Files should be set up at finished

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